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With 15 minute game play time, even the guy with "no spare time" can play.

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Our goal here

at Draggis Studios

is to bring friends and family together with fun filled games that are simple, light-hearted, maybe a bit silly, and always a blast!


Who we are

What We Believe

We believe people have joy when they develop and strengthen relationships with each other. Each person has worth and is worth celebrating. It is the time we invest in others that communicates that love, admiration, and respect. Our goal is to develop fun, easy to learn games that can bring family and friends together. We believe that games can be clean and still appeal to all generations.

Card Blasting Facial Hair represents the first game in a series of games we plan to release that will utilize a similar set of base rules. With each subsequent edition, we will introduce creative new rules that align with our brand and help bring that theme to life. We hope this makes each game easy to learn and engage with, while providing a fresh new take on a game that is sure to quickly become a family favorite.

This game was developed around our own kitchen table and in the homes of countless friends and family. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

First Edition

From Our Family To Yours

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