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The perfect mix of simple rules and plenty of strategy so eager card gamers and reluctant players can all enjoy time spent together.

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Introducing: Card Blasting Facial Hair

Simple. Short. Fun. Replayable.

Why you'll love it!

This fast paced card game is perfect for family gatherings, camping trips, late nights with friends, and more. If you're spending time with a group of people who love to have fun, bring

Card Blasting Facial Hair along.

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This card game is for everyone! It’s simple enough for 6 year olds, it’s short enough that even reluctant card gamers will play, it’s fun enough for your high schoolers to play, and it’s replayable so you can spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours talking, laughing, and strategizing together.


Quality Time

Card Blasting Facial Hair is the perfect way to connect with those you love. You can easily catch up with friends and family while blasting, trimming, and disguising your cards. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time to trim your own beard after the game. You may even get a few ideas of new looks you want to try.

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Easy to Learn

Card Blasting Facial Hair is so, so, so easy to learn. If you love playing games but don’t like spending hours reading the instructions, this game is perfect for you. It plays on the familiarity we all have with other classic card games, but we added a few new fun cards to the mix so it’s not just another deck of cards.

"Simple with a dash of strategy and a twist"


Here's How it Works

Watch our Instruction Video

Special Card Rules
Facial Hair Edition Rules

Warning: Bearded players may become irresistibly attractive to others. Play responsibly.

Daniel Newman

"I admit that I might be biased, being a man with a well-trimmed beard. But this game is quite fun! If you're tired of playing the same old card games and are looking for something new, I'd recommend this to anyone who likes facial hair (which is everyone!). 5 stars!"

Disney Denizen

"Easy to learn.
Simple to play.
Super silly.
Super fun.
Even a little bit dumb at times!
It's perfect."
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Card Blasting Facial Hair is the perfect gift for the bearded men in your life. 

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